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The Rally Point is the trailer that started it all for us. When we originally decided to build our first trailer, we wanted one that would go practically anywhere our Jeep could go, and then act as a base camp once we got there. We could then do all of our hiking, exploring, wheeling, climbing, mountain biking, fishing, etc. from a central point, and come back to the trailer after a long day to eat, get comfortable, and reorganize for the next day. We also needed the trailer to have enough ground clearance and be light enough to tow effortlessly through practically any terrain, plus have plenty of cabinet storage for extended outings. After a year or so of R&D, the first Rally Point was built in 2016.

Since then, we've taken it over the deserts and canyons of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah; the high mountain trails of the Rockies in Colorado; the hardwood hills of the Ozarks in Arkansas and Missouri, and even the beaches of Padre Island National Seashore. It pulls and performs better than we ever imagined.

Like all Open Range kits, the Rally Point frame and cab come pre-assembled. The exterior is finished completely (in a color of your choice), and the interior comes either finished out or left unfinished so you can add your own personal touches.

The Rally Point kit comes pre-wired for all towing and interior/exterior lights, just plug in the wiring harnesses and you're ready to go. The frame and cab will be delivered as one unit (cab attached to the frame)....all you'll need to do is add your Timbren suspension (ordered separately for legal reasons), tires and wheels. 

One of the greatest things about building your own trailer is that you can customize it in almost any configuration that you can think of. To help, we offer multiple interior and exterior cabinet designs, different roof racks, front box configurations and lighting options to help you build your dream trailer. If we don't offer an option that you're looking for, ask about it and we'll see if we can help.