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OK, we'll agree it’s kind of a weird name...but we have our reasons.


All of our kits reference the military in some way, and it just so happens that the knuckle dragger that runs our little company is an old infantry soldier (affectionately called a Grunt). He knows all too well what it takes to carry twice the load over and through almost any terrain, in the toughest conditions, and still complete the mission. He wanted to design a trailer kit that could do the same....and that design is what came to be known around here as The Grunt. In Uncle Sam’s Army they’re 11Bravos/Charlies; in the Corps they’re 0311’s/0341's……and every one of them wears the GRUNT name with pride.

The GRUNT is a 4'x6' expedition style trailer kit that sits on a fully welded, 2"x3" 11g steel 4'x6' or 4'x8' frame that has been sand blasted, epoxy primed, and coated with two coats of Raptor Liner bed liner material. The 100% composite cargo box is constructed using marine grade plywood as its core, and then coated on all interior and exterior surfaces with no less than two coats of marine grade epoxy (NEVER polyester). All corners & seams are bonded using epoxy fillets throughout, with 45/45-17/08oz matte biaxial fiberglass tape on interior joints, and 45/45 6oz no matte biaxial fiberglass tape on all exterior joints. Finally, all surfaces are Raptor lined with two coats of white on the interior, and any color you choose for the exterior.

The box is protected by a welded steel exoskeleton that is designed to not only help protect the cargo box from hazards on the trail, but also to allow for an almost endless amount of custom racks to be mounted on top. Rooftop tents, bikes, kayaks, canoes, deer blinds or whatever you carry, we can make a rack that will fit. The GRUNT is as tough as its name implies, so tough that it comes with a lifetime warranty against any kind of rot or structural failures due to faulty materials or workmanship. As a bonus, we also make a donation to one of several military related charities that we support when you purchase your GRUNT kit.

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