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OPEN RANGE ADVENTURE RIGS, LLC, announces our new no-cost referral plan for qualified retail outlets across the country.

2 programs:

Individual owners. Pay full price for their rigs, and receive a $500 commission for every sale. Buyers must include the name of the owner who recommended them on their purchase contract.

Regional distributors. To qualify, Partners must have a physical business location (brick and mortar) and be actively involved in regional or local marketing and sales of outdoor gear, overland gear, truck/jeep accessories (including installation), etc. 

Distributors are required to purchase a rig of their choosing, for their own personal use, and to display in their retail store. One rig can be purchased every 12 months below wholesale, but cannot be sold or replaced for 12 calendar months from date of purchase.

Distributors are compensated the same as individual owners, but they are also entitled to an additional $500 for each sale resulting from them ($1000 max per unit). Our sales team handles the sale from initial contact to delivery, including collection. Commissions are paid after the completion of the sale, mailed directly to you from our office.  You simply add our logo and photo to your ads and website (we will furnish logo and photos) with a link to the Trailboss website. We will establish you a territory based on your current marketing plan, and assign the appropriate zip codes to your account. When we sell and deliver a trailer within that zip code, we will send you a commission of 2% of the base price of the sale, which excludes any taxes or freight.


  • This arrangement also allows you to order from us and receive the same 2% as a discount.

  • Trailboss reserves the right to review eligibility annually. You may opt out at any time by notifying us by letter, e-mail or phone.

  • This arrangement is meant to be WIN WIN so your feedback is not only welcomed, but encouraged.

  • Each participant must have an acceptance letter from Trailboss to be eligible for the benefits outlined.


Contact Gene Moore, Trailboss Trailers, Inc., Sales Manager, at 662-726-5666 for details on becoming a certified marketing partner.

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