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2023 E3 STARTING AT $13,995 USD

Hive campers are really off-road capable compact camper trailers, strong and light enough to follow you wherever you dare to go.

Most of our trailers are built per order in Salt Lake City, Utah. Building them specifically for a clients allows them to spec or customize it to fit their personal needs. Our goal is to provide a camper that is always ready to go so you don’t waste precious time packing instead of adventuring and enjoying the outdoors. Trailers with very short setup time that can carry all your gear for a weekend adventure or a year long expedition.

Manufactured in Mississippi with distributors across the US, Open Range Adventure Rigs designs, engineers and builds specialty off-road trailers, campers and their accessories. Our philosophy revolves around our love for the great outdoors, the exploration of new places, and the joy found in the journey, not just the destination. 

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